Winning in the Rain

We’re winning in the rain,
just winning in the rain,
what a glorious feeling,
we’llmake it again.
While others are in pain,
with their efforts in vain,
we’re winning in the rain!

As soon as raindrops fall,
we know that most of all
We must keep on fighting
for every ball,
and though we’re soaking wet
of rain and of sweat,
we feel fulfilled and glad!

So let it rain and hail,
we know we shall not fail,
all efforts to beat us
will be of no avail.
While others may complain,
we do for what we train:
we fight and win the game!

We’re winning in the rain
’cause we never refrain
from keeping on fighting
for the fame of our name.
While others may claim
the weather’s to blame,
we’re winning in the rain!
We’re winning in the rain!